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Brokers Rebates

Up to 90% of our rebate revenue goes to you, as a reward for choosing to register for FX & CFD trading through us. Read our Forex Brokers reviews and compare their trading conditions by account type prior to making your selection. Get the fastest rebate in the market.

Social Trading

Social Trading

Get acquainted to copy trading via our accommodated Social Trading Platform providers, featuring in-house brokerages with solid reputation. Our comparison tool will allow you to compare their specs and trading conditions before making your choice.

Signal Providers

Signal Providers

View and compare Signal Providers, read their individual reviews, learn what strategies they use and how their trading signals will be reaching you. Learn how we selected the accommodated providers, and check if you are eligible for a discount prior to signing up.

Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors

Learn all the basics about Expert Advisors and how to evaluate their statistics. Get informed about the strategies our selected EAs use and find out what have been the quality criteria we used when making our selection. Compare all their features and pricing before buying.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

Get informed about how you can ensure interruption-free trading and make the most of your automations and trading robots by using a VPS Hosting service. Check our list of reliable providers and compare their features and pricing prior to purchasing.

Cryptocurrency Trading


Discover reputable Brokers that offer trading on Cryptocurrency CFDs. Trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Etherium, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash against the USD on your Metatrader MT4 or MT5 trading platform. Trade BTCUSD, LTCUSD, DSHUSD, ETHUSD and XRPUSD to diversify your portfolio.


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    Signing Up with us is free and will enable you to benefit from our services, offers and promos. We do not charge any membership fees and do not share your private information.
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    Open a Live Account through our website, with one of our accommodated brokers. Feel free to compare forex brokers prior to making your selection.
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    Start trading and get Rebates

    Cashback rebates will begin to be paid to your trading account, or commission/spread reductions will start applying, according to the forex broker and type of account you have selected.
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    Enhance your forex trading

    Choose one of our accommodated Signal Providers or Expert Advisors aspiring to increase your profit potential.



Up to 90% of our Rebate Rate is rewarded to you, when you decide to deposit & trade with one of the forex brokers we accommodate, through our website.

You enjoy the Maximum Rate from the 1st lot, as contrary to most of our competitors we apply a flat rebate rate regardless of your deposit or volume.

We offer the Fastest Direct Rebate System, as your reward is applied or reflected directly to your Trading Account with most Brokers.


You receive the funds according to the reward system supported by each broker, as follows;

  • Cashback Rebate added directly to your trading account (broker account) after every transaction closing or periodically (daily, weekly or monthly). This is either a part of our commission as a referrer or a direct reward we achieved for you, that is provided by the Forex Broker directly.
  • Commission Discount or Spread Reduction; applies for brokers that offer discounts on the trading fees instead of offering a direct cash reward. Usually this is the fastest compensation method as with most Fx Brokers the discount is applied after every transaction closing.

Easily find which reward method each broker is using and when the rebate is applied, on the Comparison Table. Compare Broker Account Types and visit the Individual Review Page for each broker we accommodate. You can find your country or region on the website menu, in order to make sure that you choose a forex broker that can accept you. If your country or region is not listed, please click on International Traders and choose a broker from there.



Our purpose is to present you with a prime selection of Forex Brokers, Social Trading platforms and additional service providers that maintain a solid reputation by providing their forex traders and subscribers with quality online trading services and solid customer support. The brokers we accommodate offer with Cash Rebate, Commission Discounts or Spread Reductions and we give you up to 90% of our revenue as a reward for choosing to register through us. Read our FAQ for more details on how everything works and learn more about our business practices here.



Offering up to 90% of our rebate back to you makes it more beneficial to register through Top Forex Rebates than with any other rebate service or than registering directly with the broker. Most importantly, we are the only rebate website that has selected their brokers using the highest quality standards and not according to who can offer us the best commissions. We aim to introduce you to reliable forex brokers and service providers that follow stern business practices and ethics. By offering a Direct Rebate and Discount system we are able to provide you with the Fastest Rebate in the market.  Contrary to many of our competitors we provide with a flat rebate rate, which means that you receive the maximum rebate we can provide from the first lot traded and regardless of the deposit amount. Building a concrete reputation by setting transparency and integrity as our priority is our long term business plan.

The main benefits of joining us;

  • You benefit from the fastest rebates & discounts, directly to your trading account
  • You are referred to reputable Forex Brokers and service providers ONLY
  • You avoid money transfer fees & delays of payment processors
  • You enjoy our Newsletter & Promos email (optional)



Top Forex Rebates has done the research for you. We opened live accounts with Fx Brokers and Social Trading Platforms, deposited money and traded as clients, we used the services, contacted customer support centres, made withdrawals, been through all the known fora out there to see what other fx traders say… After extensive research and one year of constant trading we came up with a bucket-shop free, scam free, list, at your disposal; reliable Forex Brokers and Social Trading providers, potent EAs and Signal Services, trusted VPS Hosting Services and quality Complementary Services Providers presented to you in a comprehensive way, aspiring to assist you in enhancing your trading performance and profits.



Our Advanced Comparison Tool allows you to compare account types of the fx brokers, to be able to get all the information that matters in a glance. Individual reviews are accomodated for every broker, expert advisor and service provider so that you can be informed of all the details that cannot be described on tables and be enabled to make a better decision. Whether you are looking for a ECN forex broker, a STP forex broker, an expert advisor that employs a breakout strategy or a scalping EA, a Social Trading Platform that offers with Copy Trading, a signal provider that uses a trade copier or even a trading academy to learn how to trade... you can find, compare and join them all via Top Forex Rebates.



Stay informed by reading the latest brokers' and service providers' news on our Forex News page. Subscribe to receive our Newsletter via email (optional). Find out when a forex broker changes their trading conditions, introduces a new product or makes an important announcement. Get informed when new brokers or service providers are added on Top Forex Rebates. Subscribe to receive our Current Promos via email (optional) and don’t miss out on special offers, discounts, contests and more. Feel free to use the Advanced Real-Time Chart, Economic Calendar and other useful widgets on our Tools of the Trade section in order to keep up with the market. Tend to our comprehensive Forex Glossary to search for terms you may not be familiar with and advance your knowledge in online trading.



Be in touch via our Contact page or through our Social Media (Facebook, Messenger and Tweeter) or send us an email. The Top Forex Rebates team will be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have about the rebates or regarding the accommodated fx brokers and service providers.